Chalk Creek, Utah, Mystery Glyphs

DSCF0202Way up the trails above the sleepy little town that once was the State Capital of Utah, is a wonderful dusty red trail up past Chalk Creek ~ head on up higher still among the lizards and desert roses and junipers. Continue reading Chalk Creek, Utah, Mystery Glyphs

Temple Hill, Manti Mystery Glyphs

100_0652Todays story picks up where yesterdays left off.

The last photograph yesterday shows Temple Hill in the far distance within it’s surrounding mountainsides.

The first photograph today shows us coming off the mountain and heading east, to the town of Manti with the Temple straight ahead.

It is to the grounds behind the Temple we will wander today for just a minute. Continue reading Temple Hill, Manti Mystery Glyphs

Mountain of the Lord

There are several spots in the mountains west of Manti, Utah, where stories are told of days when ancient people came here and made it not only a home but a temple.

We know where no temple is available even a small hill will do to give one the feeling of being on “higher ground”.

100_0616If you take this drive up the mountains and see what is left of the ruins that used to be home to these ancient ones, notice everything in your surroundings. Continue reading Mountain of the Lord

Topaz Japanese Interment Camp Ruins

On a hot, sunny, Memorial Day in 2013 we took a trip down to Delta, Utah with the intent of visiting the old Topaz Japanese Interment Camp. We stopped in town to ask directions and headed out to the desert in search of this place we had heard stories about, but had never seen.



Continue reading Topaz Japanese Interment Camp Ruins