Chalk Creek, Utah, Mystery Glyphs

DSCF0202Way up the trails above the sleepy little town that once was the State Capital of Utah, is a wonderful dusty red trail up past Chalk Creek ~ head on up higher still among the lizards and desert roses and junipers.

DSCF0204DSCF0212Following the trail signs you come finally to a place known to the locals as the mystery glyphs.

DSCF0200DSCF0220100_0008These glyphs bear a striking resemblance to the ones in Manti though much higher up the mountainside and right above the entrance of a cave. Almost like writing home sweet home over the entrance!DSCF0229DSCF0225DSCF0236DSCF0224Who was it that left their marks on these rock walls? Some say Moroni left his calling card, some Hmongs claimed it as theirs. Whoever it was they made their way thruout the western United States leaving a calling card for those who wish to follow their trail.

100_0002100_0001At the end of the trail we may never know who left these writings

but we enjoy the adventure anyhow.

100_0011The last two glyphs were up near the cave but have been taken down to the Forest Ranger office in town for protection and can be seen there.

Photographs are from 3 different trips: 1994, 1996, 2005 and 2013.

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