Temple Hill, Manti Mystery Glyphs

100_0652Todays story picks up where yesterdays left off.

The last photograph yesterday shows Temple Hill in the far distance within it’s surrounding mountainsides.

The first photograph today shows us coming off the mountain and heading east, to the town of Manti with the Temple straight ahead.

It is to the grounds behind the Temple we will wander today for just a minute.

1996 Manti 387You will note it is typical desert grass with the usual brush, when Brigham Young first sent the people to settle this land they spent a cold winter in this area, and when the first thoughts of spring arrived, so did the snakes, everywhere. The people were living in dugouts and the snakes came right in to visit.

1996 Manti 390(If you look close you can see the pool in the upper left hand corner of the rock)

We follow a trail up the rock ledges and find these pools full of water with man made carved areas for the water to flow out of.1996 Manti 391Next we walk around and notice strange writings, unlike anything Native American yet with a few strange items, like Egyptian Ankhs and the Infinity 8, etc. We have visited ones similar to this over in Fillmore and I shall tell that story later, so remember these carvings.

1996 Manti 3881996 Manti 386This next photo is kept here though I can’t make out what it is.

1996 Manti 3831997 03 30a Manti GlyphsThese last two are here to show the entire rock formation the glyph is on. LaVan Martineau told me to always look at the whole rock, it’s shape or where it might be pointing to, so we took the whole thing and I enhanced the bottom one quite a bit. Hopefully you can click and zoom in to see the actual glyph itself.1997 03 30 Manti GlyphsThis area holds stories of Gold, Knights Templar, Ark of the Covenant, High waters, Noah, several ancient temples, Mummy’s, ancient plates, mystery glyphs, foundation stones in the basement of the current temple with strange inscriptions, strange crystals, ancient mines, and many more tales to be told around a bonfire.

People come from all over once a year to see a pageant, others go to the temple to make covenants with God and their Eternal Companions.

For those who are Latter day Saints, the murals in this place are worth the trip here. Another day I shall touch on those too.

The pictures today are from the spring of 1996.


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