Lake Point, Utah Petroglyphs

Lakepoint Glyphs 1Around 1997 or ’98 on a warm day, we found out there were some petroglyphs to be had down the road in Lake Point, so I took my sister to take pictures  just above the Great Salt Lake, in the foothills of the mountains.We made it a family outing and took a couple kids with us. The older girl attracted a wasp and luckily we had drinking water and dirt, so we made a patch of mud and put it on to draw out the poison.

The exact date is missing because of poor record.

I give you: Lake Point Petroglyphs and Landscapes

Lakepoint Glyphs 9VLakepoint Glyphs 2

Lakepoint Glyphs 7Lakepoint Glyphs 6Lakepoint Glyphs 3Lakepoint Glyphs 14Lakepoint Glyphs 12Lakepoint Glyphs 5Lakepoint Glyphs 8Lakepoint Glyphs 4Lakepoint Glyphs 10Lakepoint Glyphs 13Lakepoint Glyphs 11

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