Whyte Eagle, A Man of His Word, 1961-2015

Whyte Eagle out doing what he loved best, having fun with the beautiful Maria, after sliding down a hill, trying not to miss a chance to see something unusual.1For many years I would head out alone or with my kids or a few friends for adventure to see what was out in this amazing world.2After going down several paths and meeting eclectic individuals out in the dusty desert

3I ran into a couple forums on the internet and read the words of these rugged individuals. Continue reading Whyte Eagle, A Man of His Word, 1961-2015

Nephi Mystery Glyphs

   A while ago while talking with a couple friends,

I mentioned I would like to go visit

the Nephi Mystery Glyphs,

but I hadn’t been able to find good instructions

on how to get there.1Last Saturday after a meeting it was decided we should go this week so we chose today for our little adventure. Continue reading Nephi Mystery Glyphs

Becoming a Utah Rockhounder

This past fall it was decided that my grandson, Silas, who helps take such good care of his younger brother, deserved to do something adventurous.

When the local rockhounding group was invited to go visit the old Mammoth Copper & Gold Mine, we joined in. It was “take what you can haul out”

We went for the sheer thrill of it.  KIMG0038The group met early in the morning at the old ghost town of Eureka, Utah, where we wandered around until all arrived. Continue reading Becoming a Utah Rockhounder

The Cool Dinosaur Tracks

We headed out one day toward Moab after turning off I-70 and shortly saw this sign and headed down this little side road.           547045_10151249936860606_1858636531_n Go over the railroad tracks and continue on, you will think you are not going to the right place, but I assure you, soon you will come to dinosaurtrackland Continue reading The Cool Dinosaur Tracks