Thompson Springs, Utah Petroglyphs & Pictographs

522369_10151249894170606_493996050_nHere at Thompson Springs, Sego Canyon are Petroglyphs and Pictographs from at least three different time periods. 21755_10151249894850606_403712533_n558839_10151249894745606_1445681961_n534498_10151249898545606_1099505922_n381996_10151249899960606_165914201_nWell worth a day and hundreds of photographs. 32417_10151249897845606_549812145_n598517_10151249911880606_1659537916_n

Wander down the dirt roads until you find an old Ghost town, a cowboy cemetery, ruins,  as well as all these wonderful nooks and crannies with Rock Art for your imagination. 485002_10151249903580606_561599312_n522348_10151249906645606_1816365498_n546842_10151249910360606_404630534_n423166_10151249910550606_760632476_n546797_10151249907500606_1179325404_n259971_10151249906910606_1845719482_n259993_10151249905950606_1115229999_nOne has to wonder why this spot was chosen so many times to leave their marks.

This area should not be missed by anyone with an interest. Bring plenty of water and a picnic lunch, for it’s a nice trek back to civilization.

These were taken on August 1, 2009.

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