Nephi Mystery Glyphs

   A while ago while talking with a couple friends,

I mentioned I would like to go visit

the Nephi Mystery Glyphs,

but I hadn’t been able to find good instructions

on how to get there.1Last Saturday after a meeting it was decided we should go this week so we chose today for our little adventure.2Our fearless leader Terry drove us and tried

an old dirt road that might have made it a lot

less adventurous,

but the truck had other plans. IMG_226420150428_124250We head out on foot instead.

7There is no path to the glyphs,

but our leader has been there,

so he had his GPS numbers

and we headed out.

320150428_132310IMG_2263It was a nice warm day with a sweet breeze and we stopped often to rest and enjoy the beauty.

8After doing the Limbo under barbed wire,

wrestling mountain brush and carefully weaving

our way over hill and dale,

we arrived at our destination.4All were happy to take pictures of the glyphs, and

listen to stories of the many glyphs found

in the Western part of the USA.

2015-04-30 11.39.11Here I am taking my pictures,

trying hard not to look to my left.14Now for a few close ups of this small panel.5abbWho was the one that traversed these forsaken lands and climbed to leave these marks? 10Each time one is found, the questions come anew.

With every great mystery, we leave with

more questions than answers.2015-04-30 11.45.16-1My friend Utahna shared a few of her photographs with me and on the above photo, if you look closely, is a small symbol that looks like a cross.6One last look toward Nephi and we are

slip sliding away

back down the deer trails.15When we reach the truck

a man is waiting for us,

asking if we found what we

went looking for.

The answer is:


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