Heart Walls Coming Down

DSCF0117There are times in each persons life when they feel like they are broken some way and yet they smile and move forward as best they can.

A while ago, while watching a news station, I viewed a piece about Dr. Bradley Nelson and The Emotion Code. I watched it over and over again on video and went out and bought strong magnets and tried to work with this.

I didn’t spend much time with it as there were other things going on at the time but it was bookmarked in my mind for future reference.

A friend was added to my life and she just happens to be doing this work and made it available at a discounted rate this week, so the advantage was taken.

This is amazing stuff! In minutes, it cuts straight through to the chase.

You have emotional baggage, the Emotion Code can show you what that baggage is, when you put it into your backpack and then, in a few easy swipes, erase all that unneeded weight from your shoulders.

It’s your job to not pick up those rocks and put them back on.

We worked mostly on taking down my heart walls. I had quite a few, apparently they are easy for me to make.

Usually we build these walls as we encounter hardships in our life so one can easily look to the dates and the emotion and pretty much tell the story. If this new friend had known me she could easily pick out those dates, yet she had no clue and the Emotion Code did not fail her in choosing the correct emotions and dates.

There were two that did however surprise me. I have had generational work done before by other energy workers but nothing that felt as real as this.

These two I accrued in the womb.

When they test for a heart wall they also include how big a wall is: one inch, one foot, one yard, one mile, etc.

I won’t reveal just how good at building these walls I am, but will state that a gold medal might be won.

One of these two in the womb walls was inherited, much like one inherits genes from certain ancestors, one can apparently inherit emotional baggage.

I inherited from a great grandfather, discouragement. Apparently other of his descendants also inherited this. This was pretty strong discouragement on his part to pass it on like this.

The second emotion was something I took on in the womb from my mother. I won’t go into this one, but I do understand it.  This one needed me to also do some affirmations for a bit to help me become whole again. I was happy to note that when asked, I was wanted and loved. It was never meant for me to take this idea on myself, it was just my way.

At the time of this work being done my emotions were high so tears flowed and I wasn’t able to feel the weight being lifted, wasn’t able to see the broken pieces mend.

As time progresses it is amazing to note I smile easier. My laughter comes lighter on the wind.

Heart walls are put up to protect ourselves, they are needed in our lives to a point. After that point they can only begin to wear us down emotionally and physically.

A couple of mine, not those noted above, were over a million miles wide (she stopped counting at that point). It must take a lot of effort to keep those up. How much easier to finally let them go.

I don’t know if clearing those helped my mom or great grandfather or anyone else but me. I am grateful for the simplicity of this help and am going to now learn more about this aid.

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