The House on Hill Street

I hope you enjoy this small glimpse into a house that became a home to manyHouse Album 1 - front1211 Hill Street, Petoskey, Michigan     Price First year1211 Hill St. 1944Price homePrice, Dorothy and Donald gardenWhen the Donald & Dorothy Price Family moved to Petoskey, Michigan, they bought a house on Hill Street. This is Dorothy’s photo album of the changes to the outside that they made. I will add a few more to hers at the end, so it is kept up to date.   Price 1 Price 2 Price 3 Price 4 Price 5 Price 6 Price 7      Price 8    Price 9  Price 10Price 11Price  12Price 13Price 14jpg        Price 15Price 16Price 17Price 18Price 19Price 20Price 21Price 22Price 23Price 24Price 25Price 26Price 27G 441211 House Album 2- nDo and Don's garden 7-69G Price house and garden1957The garden in 1957G Price's house- winter of '59Snow in front yard in the winter of 1959Price House March 1967 Don & Do10849074_10205305655499400_653426360130741610_o9 Feb 1967 Donald and Dorothy’s 45th Anniversaryhome-remodeled1044749_10151690677680606_304689308_n The house as it is today, a nice dark green with white trim

and a sweet little porch.

4 thoughts on “The House on Hill Street”

    1. Hi Aunt DeeDee,
      This is Darby Howse Robison, this is my blog and I used the photo scans my mom- Joanne- had of this album for this blog post. I am glad you saw it and approve! Finding these pictures with Grandma’s writing is a treasure! I loved her soooo much! I hope you are doing well!
      Love, Darby


  1. Darby-
    I am Connor Dennis, Dorthy Dennis is my Grandmother and Dorthy Price was my Great Grandmother. I also recently purchased the house, my wife and I currently live here at 1211 Hill Street. Thank you for your blog it has actually answered a lot of questions I had and is so cool to see the history. If you have any questions let me know.
    Connor Dennis-


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