It’s a Wild, Wild West

One day I found myself at a weekend seminar listening to a lecturer who we soon learned was a fairly psychic type of lady. As she began her lecture it became apparent we were going to be participating more than listening. She asked us to pair up with someone in the room we didn’t know.

A young man in his early twenties found himself standing next to me so we became partners for a space of time.

Being the older one I was first to try my hand at this new experience.

We were told to just get up into each others personal space and calmly look into the others eyes. Very few words were to pass. Awkwardness was unavoidable. The reality was that I had no hope to see anything, yet as my eyes closed and effort was put forward an amazing thing did occur.

Like a movie screen in my head, slowly a very small dirt path, a few steps and then there I was standing there when suddenly a train stopped in front of the path and allowed me to step on.

We had been encouraged to explain what we were seeing as we went along and to ask permission to go forward, I asked the young man if I could get on the train to which he answered in the affirmative so I stepped on board.

If you have ever seen the old TV show, The Wild, Wild West, you know about what the inside of the train looked like, bold reds and gold everywhere. Crushed velvet and leather.

The odd thing was that I could feel the train was full of people but I could not see a one of them. I again asked his permission to see them which he gave, but still they would not show themselves.

I closed my eyes tighter as if that would help them appear but instead found myself looking at a stage filled with adult sized girls that appeared to all look exactly like the tiny spinning ballerinas in little girls music boxes. The girls were all dressed in blue tu-tu’s. Not pink. Blue.

I asked the young man, if he knew why I was seeing this, he said, it did make sense to him.

Suddenly I was back on the train and the train was moving fast up and down rolling hills and getting out of control when the vision was taken from me and there was no more.

I tried to see if it would come back but the lady in charge said the time was up and to switch places, with the partner trying.

The young man didn’t know me at all either and I was still in wonder that I had been able to see such a vivid movie, so I was excited to see what he could see.

I had been spending the past couple years working on a wiki trying to sort out the county I was raised in genealogically. Funny how you see the interconnectedness of former neighbors when you do this type of experiment.

The young man looked closely through my eyes and then closed them and asked my permission to see.

It took a bit, he asked me a few general questions and then I could tell he too was seeing something. He was startled and said, “Um, Christ is here”. I replied,” Yes, He is always right here with me”. He was amazed by that, I told him He is always right with each of us. He said he had been told that but hadn’t really believed it.

Then he asked me who all these crowds of people were, they are everywhere. I told him these are the people from my county, they lately had been always there too.

I had to explain to him, whenever you spend the time to get to know more about those who have gone on before, that their spirits draw close to you. I had been doing all this research to see if I could relate these people to each other and lately it had become hard for me to get much sleep as they wanted their stories to be remembered.

The lady in charge called an end to the experiment and the young man refused to stop, he kept marveling at seeing the Savior and didn’t want to leave Him. I tried to comfort him with telling him once again, “He is not only always with me, He is always with you, too”.

With tears flowing freely, we thanked each other for the experience and went our separate ways.

When we would run into each other from time to time at other lectures, we would smile, and remember that intimate glance into each others lives.

I like to think back to that experience and wonder at such a strange thing as empty trains and blue ballerinas in a wild wild west.

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