Snapshot of Grandpa

Les, 1973 typical pose

Grandpa stopped over to the house one day to say Hi. I remember grabbing the camera and taking this shot. He posed just so, and gave his usual squinty eye look.

Everyone knows that look, it means he’s thinking something and best beware.

In this picture he is the age I am now. If I look it is possible for me to see his sisters in those eyes, something that never occurred to me then.

Old Spice, that’s what he always smelled like.

This man took me fishing down at We-Que-Ton-Sing, six-wheeling at the dunes, boating on Lake Gogebic, golfing in Harbor Springs. Many times I watched him working out in the garage or fixing things up at the cabin.

So many times he waved to us from his office as we walked to school through the snow.

I thought he would live forever, this man I adored.

This was the last time I would take his picture.

He left us way too soon.

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