Joanne the handmaiden

Having always been unusually interested in things of a spiritual nature, Joanne was a very active Presbyterian girl.  At the age of twelve, she was asked to play piano for Sunday School.A Presbyterian Church 3 -just before replaced She participated in Youth Fellowship, sang in the choir, played duets and solos, substituted for the church organist and, during summer months, accompanied her minister, Rev. Felty of The First Presbyterian Church of Harbor Springs, Michigan, to Cross Village each Sunday Evening.

Cross Village

He preached a sermon to the little congregation there and Joanne played the ancient, pump organ. Joanne was always inquisitive and her minister loved to explain the gospel to her. Most of her questions were centered around family. Continue reading Joanne the handmaiden

The House on Hill Street

I hope you enjoy this small glimpse into a house that became a home to manyHouse Album 1 - front1211 Hill Street, Petoskey, Michigan     Price First year1211 Hill St. 1944Price homePrice, Dorothy and Donald gardenWhen the Donald & Dorothy Price Family moved to Petoskey, Michigan, they bought a house on Hill Street. This is Dorothy’s photo album of the changes to the outside that they made. I will add a few more to hers at the end, so it is kept up to date.   Price 1 Price 2 Price 3 Price 4 Price 5 Price 6 Price 7      Price 8    Price 9  Price 10Price 11Price  12Price 13Price 14jpg        Price 15Price 16Price 17Price 18Price 19Price 20Price 21Price 22Price 23Price 24Price 25Price 26Price 27G 441211 House Album 2- nDo and Don's garden 7-69G Price house and garden1957The garden in 1957G Price's house- winter of '59Snow in front yard in the winter of 1959Price House March 1967 Don & Do10849074_10205305655499400_653426360130741610_o9 Feb 1967 Donald and Dorothy’s 45th Anniversaryhome-remodeled1044749_10151690677680606_304689308_n The house as it is today, a nice dark green with white trim Continue reading The House on Hill Street