Whyte Eagle, A Man of His Word, 1961-2015

Whyte Eagle out doing what he loved best, having fun with the beautiful Maria, after sliding down a hill, trying not to miss a chance to see something unusual.1For many years I would head out alone or with my kids or a few friends for adventure to see what was out in this amazing world.2After going down several paths and meeting eclectic individuals out in the dusty desert

3I ran into a couple forums on the internet and read the words of these rugged individuals.

Randy Bradford’s – thetreasuresofutah.yuku.com
and Whyte Eagle’s – Ancientlosttreasures.com

There was a great mixture of fun cowboy humour, interesting artifacts, mysteries galore, ancient maps, spanish treasure, petroglyphs and pictographs, dinosaur bones, knowledge, research, banter and friendship.

At first not a place for the female persuasion,
so we mostly kept quiet and read,
but in recent years we have found this a place
for the women who like adventures too.

4One thing I had in common with these men was the mystery glyphs found throught the Southwest of the US of A.

Terry Carter and Whyte Eagle are the best source on these mysterious glyphs.

Together they helped form the Ancient Historical Research Foundation which continues to aid others in their research, provide lectures, campouts, tours to ancient sites and just plain friendship, so needed in todays busy world.

In 2005 Whyte Eagle helped The AHRF host a Symposium at Brigham Young University, with lecturers from all over, that can now be found on the internet for everyone’s perusal. We were in attendance with my friend Doc and others, enjoying meeting Russell Burrows and other speakers.
In January 2014 the foundation decided to start up once a month free lectures. I am so glad Utahna invited us to start attending.  Above Whyte Eagle introduces the first lecturer, Dale Bascom at the Provo, Library, with over one hundred in attendance.

6Now a year and a half later, these lectures continue with a wide variety of topics and new perspectives.

11When looking at photo’s I was pleased to find this one of Whyte Eagle, he is visiting the Mint in Utah with some of my favorite people!7The AHRF campouts have allowed us who are quiet to enjoy each others company and visit places most of us had never heard of before.


9Whyte Eagle not only provided a way to the cave but a spotlight on the world outside of it.12As we looked up through the trees at the cemetery yesterday, I spotted a sign in the heavens. A sword of truth. How fitting for this great man of truth and honor. A man who, when he gave you his word, it meant everything. He was looked up to by everyone and trusted by men who rarely trust another.

May this Whyte Eagle fly high and be a guide for us each day, as we go forth to love and serve one another.


10Whenever we meet together as friends, enjoying good times together, I know, Whyte Eagle/Shawn Davies will be right there walking around enjoying the fruits of his labors with us.

Thanks to Steve Robison and Utahna Jessop

for their wonderful photos!

One thought on “Whyte Eagle, A Man of His Word, 1961-2015”

  1. I have followed White Eagle off and on via his web page for many years. I’m sorry to just learn of his passing. May his curiosity and great yearning for understanding pervade into generations for many, many years to come.


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