Nestled in Wheatfields and Hay: Bancroft, Idaho

My sister and I headed north on I-15 from Salt Lake City and drove on into Idaho a bit until we saw the sign to Lava Hot Springs and took a right, heading on past the springs, we next took a left on Lund Road and drove on into the gold and green town of Bancroft.


KIMG0101KIMG0102Bancroft, IdKIMG0051KIMG0055KIMG0098KIMG0095KIMG0096KIMG0056KIMG0053KIMG0057KIMG0058KIMG0097KIMG0054KIMG0099KIMG0094KIMG0086KIMG0087KIMG0089KIMG0088KIMG0093KIMG0092KIMG0091KIMG0090KIMG0070KIMG0065KIMG0083KIMG0082KIMG0066KIMG0060KIMG0059KIMG0069KIMG0076KIMG0078KIMG0073KIMG0085KIMG0105KIMG0126KIMG0121KIMG0108KIMG0118KIMG0115KIMG0120KIMG0122KIMG0127KIMG0117KIMG0104KIMG0103KIMG0186The pictures say it all.

We enjoyed the peaceful fun trip into uncharted territory for us. The Townfolk were friendly and even the dudes talking outside the bar about the crazy girls taking pictures in the middle of the street made us smile.

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