Colorado Mystery Glyphs

                    On the first leg of our last adventure, we found some time to visit the Colorado Mystery Glyphs as we headed East. IMG_2335IMG_2318

We had started out the morning of May 9th, 2015.

A few misadventures with a lost checkbook set us off later than intended, but Stephen and I met up with Terry, Utahna and Kayla in Spanish Fork Canyon and were soon on our way.

IMG_2330IMG_2334When we reached the area of the glyphs it had stopped raining, so we decided to go ahead and have a look see. IMG_2329IMG_2293IMG_2292IMG_2294

After a nice drive around and looking down a side canyon or two we made it to our destination and headed down to the glyphs.

IMG_2299IMG_2328IMG_2307IMG_2313IMG_2303IMG_2300IMG_2301These glyphs surprised me a bit as, if I had not seen some of the others, I might have been convinced a boy down the road had made them up and just carved a nice little code in the side of the sandy hillside. IMG_2312

It being her first glyph, Kayla also looked a bit skeptical at what we were seeing. Our guide assured us they were real enough.

IMG_2317IMG_2314IMG_2315Once again, we were left to wonder who stood on this ground and oh so many why’s!

IMG_2341IMG_2343IMG_2345Next stop Leadville, Colorado,

then on to Cahokia for us!

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