Becoming a Utah Rockhounder

This past fall it was decided that my grandson, Silas, who helps take such good care of his younger brother, deserved to do something adventurous.

When the local rockhounding group was invited to go visit the old Mammoth Copper & Gold Mine, we joined in. It was “take what you can haul out”

We went for the sheer thrill of it.  KIMG0038The group met early in the morning at the old ghost town of Eureka, Utah, where we wandered around until all arrived.KIMG0020 KIMG0017  KIMG0040Notice that all ages were up bright and early              KIMG0093convoyThe cars and trucks went on a convoy to the awaited destination.mine 1A photo of the old mill and the original glory holeKIMG0042there were old prospectors who brought their whole set up down KIMG0043KIMG0045And then there were us, the clueless. OK, I had actually done a little research online beforehand on what we might find there, but the reality was, at first sight it just looked like a whole lot of rock. So we listened and watched other more knowledgeable rock hounders and had a nice day learning about geology.KIMG0051we ate our sandwiches and drank a lot of waterKIMG0053some found shade behind a truckKIMG0049it was a long hot day in the desert mountainsideKIMG0056after we had finished up looking for treasures some headed up
to the owner (Spenst Hansen)’s home, where we visited outside a minute

~ such a treat, this day~KIMG0062KIMG0059up here are still the old tracks from bygone yearsKIMG0066the owner allowed us to walk up above to see the old mill and look down on the valleyKIMG0068The grandson found he loves rockhounding…a lot!KIMG0090If you look above the green rooftop on the left, you can see where we rockhounded, or at least the white of the cars and a little white house in the area.


KIMG0073KIMG0074The mill was a fun old building to walk around in,

I am so glad we hung around to see this place.KIMG0008We left with our treasures of fool’s gold and quartz KIMG0010we had a table full of green malachite in the rawKIMG0001and our grandson had made new friends

This was a winning adventure all the way around!

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