cry of the cat


One day in about the year two thousand and five, an angel came down to earth.

This new born baby boy with obvious problems, looked at me, his Grandmother, for the first time and pierced me to the soul while his eyes demanded to know if I would love him.

You could hear the words. “Will you love me?” There was never any question, but those eyes – and those words in my head – made me stop, thankfully there was only pure love for him.

Such a relief to know. You think you know how you will react in a situation like that, but you never really expect something like this, so to have the knowledge that, yes! you do have unconditional love is a wonderful gift!

When his teeth don’t hurt, when he has had a good nap and eaten well, he responds to love with the gentlest spirit on earth. He is smart as a whip and faster than a speeding bullet. He challenges all those around him, every single day.

I believe he came down to Earth to challenge us to be better human beings.

It’s my hope we pass that test.

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