The Man of the Howse

Howse, Gert & Cliff wed

Here is a man I heard about all my life but never knew.

My grandfather spent his whole life in the little village of Harbor Springs, Michigan.He came from a nice sized family who never had a whole lot of money but they had a lot of love for each other. Apparently the boys were known to light off a few firecrackers in town and other mischief, but always making sure no one would get hurt.

Clifford met Gertrude in school and after afternoon rendezvous and days down at the beach, Gertrude won his heart and they soon were married.
Howse, CliffGertDance Howse, Gert &Cliff Dating Howse,Cliff-radio   Howse, CliffGrin  Howse, CliffJoGertBoots    Howse, Cliff and JoanneHowse, Cliff and Arnold Howse, Cliff and ArnoldHowse, Cliff,Gert,KaHowse,Jo,Kar,Arn,CliHowse, Cliff,Karlene,Jo,ArnHowse,Gert,Cliff-icecaveHowse, GertCliffEaster54

Two daughters and a son were added to complete this family, Joanne, Karlene and Arnold.

Cliff wanted his family to be happy and did all in his power to make certain holidays were observed to their fullest, they had the latest in technology and dressed for fun.

He worked hard to make sure his family had not only their needs but their wants also.

One day they found he had colon cancer and after much care from his wife and children, with Doctors doing all they had at their disposal, he had to say goodbye to all those he loved.

My father was fourteen when his father passed over, he never spoke of his father but with the love of a son who still misses the companionship of this wonderful man.

He must have been a marvelous man, for his son certainly is.

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