Temple Hill, Manti Mystery Glyphs

100_0652Todays story picks up where yesterdays left off.

The last photograph yesterday shows Temple Hill in the far distance within it’s surrounding mountainsides.

The first photograph today shows us coming off the mountain and heading east, to the town of Manti with the Temple straight ahead.

It is to the grounds behind the Temple we will wander today for just a minute. Continue reading Temple Hill, Manti Mystery Glyphs

Mountain of the Lord

There are several spots in the mountains west of Manti, Utah, where stories are told of days when ancient people came here and made it not only a home but a temple.

We know where no temple is available even a small hill will do to give one the feeling of being on “higher ground”.

100_0616If you take this drive up the mountains and see what is left of the ruins that used to be home to these ancient ones, notice everything in your surroundings. Continue reading Mountain of the Lord

a storm over Manti


One day as we were driving along the backroads of central Utah with LaVan Martineau and his girls, he looked over and asked what could I see in the mountains?

There was silence for a bit as I took a look out the window and finally the answer came very quietly. “All I ever see when I look at the mountains are birds.”

He got his big grin out and said, “Yes! That is what you are supposed see!”

Now, that is not all you are supposed to see, one day he showed me a large snake on the mountain, but a small landslide had occurred recently that changed the snake to a broken snake and he pointed this out to us and possible meanings. It’s a fun thing to be able to drive along with someone who can read the mountains and teach at the same time.

Many would not listen to thoughts such as these, but then, they miss out on all the fun too!

This picture here above was taken high on a mountaintop west of Manti, Utah. It was a very stormy day and one in which no sane people would be driving up there, but there we found ourselves. As we got out to take this picture a very large eagle descended upon us so we rushed to the truck for cover, beautiful & scarey at the same time.

You can’t see the rainbow that was just forming on the other side of the valley, but maybe, just maybe you can see the bird?

His tailfeathers are spread wide and he is about to swoop down over the valley.

What things do you see when you look at the mountains? Whatever it is, I hope you have fun looking!