Pirates and Dust


I have a good friend I like to visit who happens to also be an author. She has written a cool book on Pirates, called, “Laffite and the Curse of the Golden Bayou”, so in her family room she has a pirate ship on the wall.

I really liked that pirate ship and thought one would be nice in the grandkid bedroom.

One day I happened to stop at a yard sale that was about to end and drifting through the leftover stuff I spied this beauty under a table, caked in dust and cementlike dirt from being in someones cellar or garage too long.

I asked the price and the sellers started guffawing. Hahaha, maybe two dollars?

I said, “Sold”

They continued laughing and making fun of the thing until I said loudly to my companion, “Can you imagine when this thing is cleaned up and put on the grandkids wall, oh the stories of pirates and lost children will come to life!”

(or something to that effect)

The laughter stopped, the looks on their faces told the truth.

They had lost a treasure.

When I again visited my friend the author, who by then had also become the grandmother to half of my grandkids, I saw her pirate ship, and it is an exact replica.

Some people see plastic pirate ships and junk

Others see the wonder

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