Looking Side to Side

1995 08 02 Buckhorn Wash 078

I don’t know why this glyph always makes me think of Christmas tree buying, though I am certain that is not the story being told here…

1995 08 02 Buckhorn Wash 077

These are found just up the road from the Buckhorn Wash beauties and don’t seem to have a relationship with them.

We took a family camping trip in August of 1995 and on the way to those others noticed these, as we looked side to side on the rock walls, along the winding dirt pathway to Buckhorn.

At that time, these were not marked and easily could have been missed, if you only looked for the easily marked ones.

Looking at the whole rock it is told on, you notice a natural hole in the rock where two of the trails lead to. Above this, is another larger natural looking hole in the rock and for some reason my eye is always drawn to that.1995 08 02 Buckhorn Wash 3101995 08 02 Buckhorn Wash 308

Note the animals in the top left of the first photograph.

Many rock writings are in plain view, just off the path of your car, like this one, if you but take the time to look.

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