Topaz Japanese Interment Camp Ruins

On a hot, sunny, Memorial Day in 2013 we took a trip down to Delta, Utah with the intent of visiting the old Topaz Japanese Interment Camp. We stopped in town to ask directions and headed out to the desert in search of this place we had heard stories about, but had never seen.



If you look to the west you can see Topaz Mountain away in the distance.



What we found was a few ruins, rust, a lot of ant hills, cement and asphalt left to disintegrate.


Take the time to read and look at the pictures and videos of the history of this place.

Japanese American families who had been in America for generations were taken from their homes and forced to leave everything behind and stay in this prison camp for no good reason except their ancestry and war far away.

As we walked around in the desert heat, our feelings were as empty as the space once occupied by so many. There were a few concrete pads and signs marking where buildings had been. Though there must have been some smiles during the time folks were held here, not a hint of happiness was left in the emptiness. We could only wander about, ponder a bit and, eventually, drive on.




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