breathe in the dust

45Rochester Creek Mashup

the day is April 19th, 2004 and we are taking a little trip down to Emery County, Utah to a little trail off the beaten path to unusual petroglyph panels called the Rochester Creek Panels

these glyphs have been much argued about as Fremont, Barrier, Hopi and even Egyptian, click on the pictures to see better detailstip for the day, especially for the sensitive, is to walk alone on this path. take the time to really look over the whole area as it is full of glyphs. don’t just hurry down the path chatting with others, take the photograph and run, or you will have missed the whole experience of this place

pause to close the eyes and breath in the dust and see the people standing there carving their stories in stone

note the vandalism and how it changes the story, this is the reason you always date your photographs of the panels.

and just for fun,

can hear me now

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