Dorothy Andrus Crane Price

Crane, DorothyToday she would have been 113 years old. As it was, she lived to be 100 years old. This Matriarch lived a full life surrounded by her family and taking care of children the majority of her years.Dorothy had an older sister Gladys, a younger brother Bud and a little sister Betty. When they got together you could tell they grew up in the Roaring Twenties.

Dorothy did not drive a car after crashing while first learning how, so she was driven everywhere as a proper lady should. She would laugh at that as she spent a lot of time out in her gardens digging in dirt.

Dorothy loved music and taught her children to love music and the arts. She was in several plays in town. Dorothy loved the Presbyterian Church and taught her children to be good people ~ and they are.

Dorothy went down state to go to a dance with her beau Donald Arthur Price and came back married when she was 20.

Don and Doe had raised their four children, Donna, Pat, Jimmy and DeeDee in Michigan, Florida and California.

She was my Great Grandmother on my mothers side and she is still loved by all her descendants to this day.

Crane, Betty, Gladys, Dorothy, & BudCrane, Dorothy Price - 2

Crane, Betty and Dorothy   Crane, PriceCrane, Don,Donna,Dorothy,P1925 PriceCrane, Dorothy and Donna Price 1925Crane, Edith and DorothyH Donna, Jim, Dorothy, Dee Dee, Pat, RingCrane, Dorothy Little Trav Theatre playGrandma loved her family and they always came first. She once was asked by a neighbor if she would watch their kids as she did such a good job. She said she couldn’t. She said, she didn’t like anyone elses kids.

At her funeral there was singing and testimonies from her descendants of their love for her and if you happened to walk around the chapel you ran into about 50 little Dorothy’s throughout the room, she had very strong genes!

I am going to try to put a video on here soon:

Here is a Biographical page for her.




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