Kirlian Aura’s & Gifts

Safety in the Fall

2004 01 10 Provo

Part of enjoying the wonder of this place called Earth is partaking of new and delightful experiences wherever and whenever they appear. Always thinking of our own safety and that of others around us, of course.

The opportunity presented itself in 2004 to have a man who had a machine that did Kirlian Photography. We were told with these photos the man could look at the aura in the photo and see possible health issues, so we decided to go explore this new idea.

The line of people before us was pretty long so we took our place and watched and listened.

He would call the next person to come up and he would put a black shield like a hairdresser might use around the person.

He then had the person put their fingers on a device that connected to the “camera”.

Next, he would ask the person to think…

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