Buddha Hiding in the Bedroom

Buddha candle

It happened again tonight, so I guess it’s time to tell this story.Anyone who comes to visit in my home would take only a few minutes to note that I am LDS.

BYU and Church Magazines on the tabletop, Sunstones everywhere, Church Books fill the shelves in the main area, symbols from the Temple on the walls.

Yet, when they see one little candle holder with a Buddha, it seems more than some can handle.

He has since moved out of the front room so he is rarely seen by others now.

He was a present to remind me of a spiritual experience I had once.

I am allowed spiritual experiences.

Several friends were talking online one day, I asked if anyone had ever used Hemi-Sync CD’s.

One man said he had some he had listened to over and over and didn’t do anything for him. He let me borrow them and I was having the same experience. One was supposed to be able to have an Out of Body experience.

It was hard to keep putting time into it with no seeming results but I was determined to keep trying.

Finally one day, I found myself in a strange land at a strange place, for not more than a minute or so.

I looked about me and saw a Two Story Buddha – a Temple within feet of myself and heard what I supposed were Monks coming around the corner, fearing they would find me, a female, somewhere I wasn’t supposed to be, I retreated and awoke.

Now this place was as real to me as this room I sit in, not like a dream, but like I was actually there.

The headphones came off and I stood up and walked around to try to figure out why on earth I would find myself in such a place.

I struggled all day and night with this, and after an experience not unlike Jacob wrestling with an Angel, I understood the power of words, and how God can open your heart and mind with strange things.

I understood that things are not always as we have made them in our minds, and that our Heavenly Parents, those that spiritually created us, love every single one of their children, no matter their race or beliefs or culture.

I searched the internet for this building that no longer looks like the one I walked beside, and found the Buddha had a name, and that name is the name they gave him for his return.

As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints, I too await someones return.

So, when you walk through my home and see paintings of Hopi Kachina’s, Circles amongst Squares, Sunstones and Pillars of light, and yes, Buddha’s hiding in the bedroom, I hope you someday also will see Him, returning in Glory as I do.

2 thoughts on “Buddha Hiding in the Bedroom”

  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experience.

    I have heard of other unusual experiences with Hemi Sync, which makes me wonder if I should experiment with them myself. I have also heard of some using other techniques to get out of themselves, or perhaps further into themselves and Him/Her.


    1. Hi Steve! Since that experience I have been to a few seminars that teach how different ways. Always the body is asleep and the mind awake. When I listen to people with Near Death experiences they always have a hard time going into the bady again as it is usually wracked with pain, but no such thing in a circumstance like astral projection on your own.


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