The Tender Touch of a Vine

1973 Darby in the field

Growing up in a large family one has only a few choices:

Laundry, Kitchen or Garden/Yard work.

With twelve kids, the choice for me was GardenI loved to be out working in the garden or wandering around in the field behind

One can imagine that many hours were spent with tomato and potato plants

and string beans and carrots

We also had strawberry and raspberry plants from which we made a

whole lot of preserves for the family

In all those hours of digging and weeding I never had this experience

I had the experience of learning that I felt better after walking

barefoot all afternoon in the dirt

I knew sunshine was my friend, even after multiple sunburns

One day, long after those sun filled ones

long after I moved far from those fields of home

I was asked to work at a vineyard in Salem, Utah

The vineyard was near the bottom of a mountain

and had not been kept up in decades

as a small group of us began to trim the vines

a strange sensation filled every part of me

like an old friend from long ago, surprising you with a warm hug

saying, “Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!”

I stood there amongst the broken twigs and vines and weeds

~and just let this feeling embrace me~

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