Parowan Gap, Utah Petroglyphs

1995 07 04 Parowan Gap 220100_2912One day in 1995 we stopped with the kids at Parowan Gap to see the petroglyphs.As we looked around at the myriad of places covered by these ancient people, I chanced to look up across the street to the other side of the Gap, near the top of the rock and saw this bright yellow moss calling my name.

My kids, ever willing to do the fast, hard climbing, took the camera and took this picture of a man.

Always look for anything that is off in your mind.

That’s what LaVan taught me, and there was the face.

100_2950If you are taking a Sunday drive along this old dusty road, and you come to the end of the Gap shown above, you have just missed a plethora of petroglyphs and an awesome cave.

100_2946Turn around.

1995 07 04 Parowan Gap 210 CaveSpend some time walking around.

Have a good camera handy.

100_28711995 07 00 Parowan Gap 206100_28761995 07 04 Parowan Gap 226Once again, these old photos from a couple trips would be so much better on a good camera, but it’s what we had at the time.

There are, oh, so many more glyphs so close, you could almost take them from the car, but don’t, you will miss the fun ones under the grasses.

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