This story is next in the progression because it is what happened as we left the Rochester Creek Panels to head home to Salt Lake City.

I had been waiting all week to go hear a speaker in Murray that night.

Unfortunately at the time and possibly still to this day, cell phone coverage was not to be had way out there in the rock and since no one wears a watch these days we had no sense of time. Continue reading Godspeed

breathe in the dust

45Rochester Creek Mashup

the day is April 19th, 2004 and we are taking a little trip down to Emery County, Utah to a little trail off the beaten path to unusual petroglyph panels called the Rochester Creek Panels

these glyphs have been much argued about as Fremont, Barrier, Hopi and even Egyptian, click on the pictures to see better details Continue reading breathe in the dust

the Weavers of Your Cloth

I was talking with one of my sisters today about pictures.

Pictures of ourselves and pictures of our ancestors.

In this day of digital photography we can take as many photos of ourselves as we wish, and usually destroy more than we keep, we often forget that in the old days, if a photo was even taken, you had to deal with what you got.

I showed a picture of old Mrs. Howse in the story yesterday of my parents marriage. Here she is as a young mother about 18 years of age or so.

261519_10150224014930606_2397109_nHer maiden name was Sarah Ellen Philips. Sarah was born 2 December 1878. Continue reading the Weavers of Your Cloth