Food, Friends & Laughter

I have been thinking about food today as I listen to The Blue Danube. Music doesn’t have anything to do really with this post, it just helped my mind wander a bit.

Every 4th of July my Great Grandparents had a big family picnic. Mostly the same foods showed up each year and everyone knew what to expect. Tomato soup cake with cream cheese frosting, Donnas beans, Tim’s desserts etc. One year I brought a friend and he got all huffy wanting to know where the cold chicken was. This was one item I had never noticed at the picnic. He finally filled a plate and ate but it was then I first realized everyone doesn’t eat like our family.

D28 Heinz picnic

I started to notice what type of foods were at church potlucks. The casseroles with the most melted cheese on top went first. I need to find a recipe where I can melt a whole lot of cheese over it.


Holidays were big in our home but as a family of twelve kids grows up and adds spouses new items began to appear on the menu.

2017 08 20 Homecoming 01

One sister went in for raw food and wanted us to eat her Thanksgiving pies. One brother and his family of beautiful girls went vegan. Dad started to make two of things so people could eat.


Many of us got food allergies- nuts, shrimp, pineapple, apples, tomatoes, onions, you name it, we have it in our family.

You get used to these different problems and everyone laughs and goes on.

We were invited to a  family reunion recently of a Grandfathers brothers descendants, to take care of the genealogy part of the reunion for them.

The food!

2017 08 12 Melvin Robison Reunion 1

Apparently that side of the family moved a bit south into Arizona, New Mexico etc. Tons of food, in enormous amounts and a lot of it looked like they added the pantry into the casseroles and added spice. The men got separate large bowls for all of these. Rolls, wow, the rolls! like someone owned a bakery! Other than the desserts,  to me the three bean salad was the best stuff there- should have gotten the recipe!


One interesting thing we did a year or so ago was to go on a trip to do some petroglyphing. One very sweet lady suggested a few of us ladies make a weekend of it and have a girls sleepover at their family cabin not far from everything we wanted to see. People kept dropping out and then suddenly families wanted to go instead, like five or six, so plans were made. It was decided to wait ’til we got to the area and then we could all go in together and decide on food for the next couple days.

Wow! Have you ever done that? Gone with people you really have not spent a lot of time with and try to make a menu on the spot?

Steve and I had talked about the weekend beforehand not knowing what to expect and had decided on laughter. Laughter can get you through a whole lot of uncomfortable situations. So, laughter it was.

You probably already know what we ran into: Mayonnaise vs Miracle Whip, Heinz or Hunts, bacon or turkey bacon, Whole or 2%.


We were in a Walmart in St. George, Utah, so several of people went missing down aisles (you always need something you forgot) while we were trying to make sure we had bought everything. We overcompensated I am sure. (But we ate good).

A little frazzled, we tried the laughter thing as we walked down an aisle alone. It helped us see the food will be enjoyed even if it wasn’t our usual fare. It really was quite good! It’s amazing what you can learn from others!

At the cabin everyone helped, but I must say the men were all awesome cooks!

Yes, you can go out with good people, eat good food and have a fun time with new friends or old.

Food – friends – laughter : we all need it!