Victory and Triumph

It’s that day again- Resurrection Morn

This year I added something new

my Earthly Father

my savior on earth

Eleven years ago we sat at a table in a hospital as he told me

that he had chosen this day for my Mother’s passing

– that he had thought it all out-

and just knew this would be her choice

to go back to her Savior on this day


never one to let anyone else decide anything for her

chose the next day

The dates of their graduation from these earthly cares matters not to me

for Resurrection Day is the day I shall always remember as their parting the veil

When I gaze upon the beauties of this earth

the lilacs and tulips in the springtime

my thoughts shall always be back


17973908_10155828448335606_5257355351166018075_oon Willis Avenue

with my parents lilacs in full bloom.

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