i take my chances, every chance i get

Heinz, Donna & Les Heinz '41Donna, wed announceLes and Donna had lived down the street from each other in High School. Les was a football player and Donna was involved in music and tennis among various other things, she was a social cookie!

One day, while Donna was ice-skating with her beau, Les decided to pick the boy up and throw him in a snowbank and rush off with his girl.

Donna was in love! Her knight swept her off her feet!

They were married the day after she graduated from High School.

Friday the Thirteenth!

They decided to tempt fate and did everything you were not supposed to do according to superstitions.

~They walked under a ladder together

~They opened an umbrella in the house

~They broke a mirror

~They had to find a black cat to cross their path

The family gathered flowers to place around the living room to make it beautiful for the perfect wedding and the family guests enjoyed and celebrated with this beautiful couple.

p.s. Donna always said they got married on the same day she graduated because she got her diploma on the same day she got married.

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