Kirlian Aura’s & Gifts

2004 01 10 Provo

Part of enjoying the wonder of this place called Earth is partaking of new and delightful experiences wherever and whenever they appear. Always thinking of our own safety and that of others around us, of course.

The opportunity presented itself in 2004 to have a man who had a machine that did Kirlian Photography. We were told with these photos the man could look at the aura in the photo and see possible health issues, so we decided to go explore this new idea.

The line of people before us was pretty long so we took our place and watched and listened.

He would call the next person to come up and he would put a black shield like a hairdresser might use around the person.

He then had the person put their fingers on a device that connected to the “camera”.

Next, he would ask the person to think of their favorite place, a spa, a cabin, a waterfall, etc. He would talk a bit with them and ask them for some specifics so as to get them really comfortable and then a flash and it was all over. The photo was given and the person went away smiling.

As you can see if you could look real close at my picture, I did not have this experience. If you could look really close you would notice my nose looks like I spent time recently with Rudolph. There are a myriad of tears flowing down the black curtain over my chest which is beating a thousand beats a minute as he took this photo.

In my experience, when he told me to go to my favorite spot, I did. He asked me where I was, I said, “I am at Five Mile Creek” he asked me to describe it as if I was taking him along.

So I started where I always did, in my head I envisioned the winding road that I would drive to get to the creek and I said, I am driving down the road to get there. He stopped me and said, “The trees are like a tunnel!”, I said, “Yes, yes, they are.”

I continued and got out of the van and started to walk down to the creek, at this point he started to talk about the squirrels and I concurred there were a lot of squirrels in the woods. Next the water rolling over the sticks and stones, still all you might expect to find at a place called 5 mile creek.

I was starting to get suspicious as he mentioned the birds and the fall leaves, because I hadn’t mentioned the time of year. I had this funny feeling in my gut and I decided to test it.

I turned in the other direction and headed down to the beach. Yep, right here is Lake Michigan, “The Mother of all Lakes” and always the end reason for any trip to 5 Mile.

I watched his face, as I did not mention what I had done, nor where I was, and his surprised look hit me harder than I would have thought, had I even  considered that someone had that gift.

He said, “What is THAT?!!!”

I smiled as the tears flowed down my cheeks and I told him, “THAT is Lake Michigan.”

And so it was, that I alone am witness to what we both “saw” that day, together, and this photo that was supposed to tell me if I had any health issues from my aura, instead taught me that there are so many more Gifts of the Spirit than anyone ever talks or writes about.

I began to look around for more of these wonders in the people around me. Gifts that most never consider, like the girl who cut my hair at the mall, who puts you to sleep with her brushing. Every single time! and people go back to her just for the relaxation.

Do we come down to this planet with these gifts or do we develop them here? I believe from talking to people – and everyone has at least one of these gifts – that we came down with them, and it is our choices that help us develop them.

Look at a gifted musician and you know that they practiced and spent hours honing their gifts, but some of them seem to have that extra little something that makes it truly a gift.

Would this man have used this gift had he not gotten a Kirlian camera? Probably, but would I have ever experienced it had he not chosen to take those photos that day? No.

When a wonder is presented, always take the time to enjoy it, even if the tears flow.

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