Hachi, Easter and Mom

   A couple weeks ago I stepped out of the car to go get

some lemons from the new Sprout store down the street.

I opened the door and right in front of me,

sitting on the dashboard of the vehicle was a puppy.

It called to me.

I wanted to reach right through the

window and take it home.

It was then that I knew, a dog was calling me. Continue reading Hachi, Easter and Mom

the life of Gid



Today marks another day in the life of Gid

Gid sometimes has trouble walking

so mostly he runs

in the picture he is bouncing off a trampoline

but this morning there will be none of that

today a long awaited part of a journey takes place

one where hopefully the pain in his mouth will be assuaged

doctors and dentists work their magic once again

to help make him whole