Tip-toeing and camera flashing through the tulips


It’s become a tradition of sorts to drive down to Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, Utah during Tulip Festival.

The girls were just tiny the first time and now every spring their words come begging to know when they can go.

When I looked at this photo from a year or two ago, I wanted to name it something else. I wanted to call it, “Not As the World Giveth” and I wanted to photoshop out the ladies in the background. Then I realized this one includes them too.

We try to go to the festival when we think the least amount of other people will be there, because we all go to see the flowers, to breathe in the smells of nature, to feel the spray of water as you walk the pathways.

We all go there to find peace.

It is like any other beautiful spot, a place of reverie, we lean over and smell the flowers and peer into their amazing artwork, and as children, they just enjoy the moment and then it moves on.

For adults, like the woman taking pictures, we try to preserve these moments for as long as we can. We prepare for this day. We choose our clothing so we can feel as pretty as the flowers. We find the best camera for our needs. We make sure we will have the perfect picnic lunch. Some gather the children to take while others get sitters so they can spend this time alone. Others go there hoping to meet a romantic stranger.

But we all go.

And sometimes, even if just for a moment, we find peace.

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