Sonny Boy

1991 08 00 Jared, Shilo & Sonny BoyMany moons ago, a little girl wanted a pony, as many little girls are wont to do.

After wandering around Amish auctions and traveling about, her mothers friend brought them an untamed pony.

We named him Sonny Boy.

He taught us many lessons in the short time we had him.

We learned a little about horse feed.

We learned he loved Edelweiss, so we sang it. A lot.

We learned about leads and bridles and saddles and riding bareback.

We found you really ought to have your own land for him to graze upon.

We learned about hay and manure and good boots.

We watched him get fixed and saw his pain.

There were many other lessons we never would have learned about people had we not had him.

If we ever get a pony again, for his sake and for ours we will make sure there is good training of both the pony and those who care for the pony.

Good training is what the saga of Sonny Boy taught us the most.

Good training is everything.

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