My first experience feeling energy

546127_10151153849390606_1289713639_nMy mother was very sick for the last many years of her life. After trying many Doctors my sister Annette suggested more alternative medicine. Most of us were not for this idea as none had been able to help and even mom was getting tired trying new things. I was called to go down to Orem to see what this new quack was about.

From the moment he entered the home I started in with the questions. Mom was in her bed and he was standing across the room from me. I am sure he had been in this uncomfortable position before so he knew a bit about how to handle it.

He stopped what he was trying to do and dealt with me instead.

He said, “Hold up your hand.” He then proceeded to put up his hand as if he had a baseball in it and threw the air at me as if it were real. My middle three fingers bent backward as if a fireball had just passed by.

I stood there shocked and amazed, here was something I needed to understand. Here was an answer to my prayers for my son.

This was a door opening.


One thought on “My first experience feeling energy”

  1. You really should answer all of the questions you have caused 🙂

    What did he do for your mother?
    How did she fare?
    What was his explanation for your fingers bending?
    How does your son figure into this?



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