Yellowstone Trips Through Five Generations

 Our families like to visit Yellowstone.  1965 Yellowstone 3 River and fallsThe first time was on our return from Salt Lake City to Michigan. Remember that incident of Tomato soup at the Temple? Well, this was the next day. June 1965.1965 Yellowstone 4 GrdCan1965 Yellowstone 6 OlFaithfulWe really enjoyed Old Faithful then, when she would really blow! 1965 Yellowstone 1 PaintpotsThe hot pots are otherworldly.1965 Yellowstone 8 Bear and MercuryI still remember peering through the windows of our car as this old bear came up to the windows. 1965 Yellowstone 2 Bear1965 Yellowstone 5 LodgeWe didn’t stay at the Lodge but we got a picture.1972 Yellowstone 1The geology at this place is amazing. A photographer could stay for the whole summer and not get everything here at the wonderful spot of Earth.1972 Yellowstone 2In 1972 Grandpa Heinz with his wife Donna and youngest daughter Debbie went to see the sights and Old Faithful. He took the photo’s.1972 Yellowstone 3Deb Mom Old Faithful1972 Yellowstone 4 Donna,Deb Hot SpringsIn 1994 we camped out at Yellowstone. They passed out flyers as you drove in saying,

“Beware! Bison will gore you!”

That one in the background snuffled and wheezed right next to me in that tent all night. I believe that little cowgirl still has some of it’s fur from the brush.    1994 Yellowstone 11994 Yellowstone 2After we left Yellowstone we put on our Sunday best

– in the tent-

and drove a bit to visit with family.1994 Yellowstone 3In June of 2006 we returned once more to Old Faithful.2006 06 27 Yellowstone 052006 06 27 Yellowstone 032006 06 28 Yellowstone 02So much to see and plenty of room to get away from others and enjoy the peace.2006 06 27 Yellowstone 07 OrbsIn 2007 That young girl traded in her buffalo fur to carry around her own daughter.2007 Yellowstone 1Daddy got in a picture of the angel with the hot pots in the background.2007 Yellowstone 3The buffalo were spotted along the way.

I remember in my minds eye going on a similar looking trail, and having a red eyed one looking right at us, as if he was about to gore us.

We slowly backed away and he allowed us to leave him in peace.2007 Yellowstone 22007 Yellowstone 5The falls all over Yellowstone are beautiful and cooling.

This last photo is a better photo of the first one. Forty two years apart.2007 Yellowstone 4I think it’s about time for another trip to Old Faithful,

don’t You?

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