Buckhorn Wash, San Juan Swell, Utah

1996 07 05 Buckhorn Wash 053The first time we drove down to the San Juan Swell in Utah, we visited this beautiful work of art. Pictographs by Ancients Beings painted on the rock.We had only a throwaway camera and took these few pictures at Buckhorn Wash.

The first time I visited this spot, the sun was shining so bright and what you see on the last photo as yellow was seen as sparkling gold ~ painted with fairy dust to immortalize these deeds.

Shortly after that first trip, vandals had spray painted here, and someone decided to take this new, added paint away by sandblasting.

The sandblasting took away the extra spray paint, but also the beautiful golden sparkle that heaven only knows how the ancients made, and put upon this lonely wash.

Even without her sparkle, this is a place not to be left out on a trip to Utah.

I need to add to this post, that it is very hard to impossible when talking about visiting a site anywhere to be able to describe the feelings had at a place. I can only say that some places you want to return to again and again and for whatever reason, this is one of those places for me.

Also, this place here is in the middle of nowhere, wild horses live nearby roaming the desert southwest and just down the road a bit from here after a little more rock art, is a camping spot, where we once decided to spend the night, and I being curious george, just HAD to see what was over that next hill, knowing all along it was best not to look. Yes, I found myself being carried back down to the tent and spent a few weeks on crutches.

It was worth it.

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