a mini lesson on manifesting

green grass

One day we were visiting a new friend in Montana, she had been outside all day raking the bare ground, over and over.

We watched as she continued raking what seemed for all intents and purposes, to be the flatest, most even dirt we had ever seen.

Not only was she doing this but her husband was too.

Raking and raking and raking.

Later I had a chance to take a walk with her around the grounds. We had just started to chat, while walking on this well raked ground when I looked down at the earth beneath and went into shock to see that bright luminous grass that had suddenly appeared.

I stopped and exclaimed over it in wonder. She smiled and just kept walking and said “yes, I created it.” We talked a bit about that and then to my eyes appeared what else she had “created” that was still not physically present. I told her what I was seeing and she smiled more and said a friend had taught her how to do this.

If you want to create something you must decide exactly what you want and envision it in your mind and then do all in your power to manifest it.

She had a blueprint for how she wanted things like the grass to look, she had tilled the ground, she had made it flat and she had contacted the company to install the grass. They had not yet arrived, a few weeks overdo and so  the thing she had to do while waiting was to keep envisioning it as it will be and keep the ground ready.

Thus, the raking and raking and raking, to keep the spiritual creation intact.

For a beautiful small moment I was blessed to see her spiritual creation.

Now one can go visit and see the physical creation, but they don’t know that the more beautiful portion to witness is the spiritual. I am ever grateful for such a sweet experience out of the blue.

I have since tried to manifest the things I want in my life and it is so much easier with this knowledge, that what I am doing is real, and the need to be sure of what and how you want things to be, is so important in this work called life.

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