i would learn the healers art

That door that opened.

The one that taught me about energy,

it freed my mind up to the possibilities. DSCF0191One day I was just trudging along, worrying about the future and the next moment, I had a tool that might help me and others.Darby Bluhair Jan 2012I took several courses on energy healing. Went to a whole lot of seminars. Read some amazing books and I was off to explore the wonders of this great gift each of us has.

The most basic instinct we have, to hold another, an infant in our arms when it is sick or in need of comfort. To pet an animal and watch it enjoy the touch. To make love to our beloved.

And breathe. Breathing is the most basic thing in healing.

Next is intent.

Finally when it comes down to it, we realize the interconnectedness of all and know we can do all this, even at long distances.

Have you ever felt hugged and no one was around?

One day when you have a little time to test this thing out, cup your hands and breathe as if you are breathing the breath of life into them. Do this and imagine it turning into a bright blue ball of pure energy and then when you feel good about that, take an unwanted piece of silverware and place it end to end between your hands and run this blue ball of energy up and down the spoon.

At a certain point you will just know that it is time. Start to twist the spoon into whatever form you can. Make spirals, bend it back and forth. Make it yours. If it is not ready it will not work, but when it feels like butter in your mind, it is time.


After you have done this, you may move on to plasticware.

Once you have accomplished this, you will find it much easier to leave behind those old thoughts, that there is no such thing as energy healing and then you can begin the great work.

The healers art.

Christ said Come Follow Me. He wants us to be like Him. He wants us to know our true potential.

In my church we have a song the woman mostly sing. Once I learned about energy, and that I had been using it all my life unknowingly, I smile as I sing this little song.

Verse 3:

I would be my brother’s keeper;

I would learn the healer’s art.

To the wounded and the weary,

I would show a gentle heart.

I would be my brother’s keeper

Lord, I would follow Thee.


9 thoughts on “i would learn the healers art”

    1. I have seen it happen with just this Steve. I gave these same instructions to a group of sisters and immediately they did it. Yes, they were already energy workers so knew how to breathe and use intent but they sent video back to show how they did it that day, they were surprised at how easy it was to do.


      1. Steve, like Doc always says about his first experience at a Chiro Seminar doing this, it works so much easier when you see it happening around you. those ladies were the same tho it was a forum, as soon as one did it the rest soon followed


      2. Do you think the individuals could reproduce it when they returned home?

        I wonder if a solo practitioner could bend a spoon alone for the first time?


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